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Phantom announces the addition of our newest product: Grill/Griddle kit to enhance your fire pan!
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Vic Legall. He is the founder of Goodwater Boat Works. He is carrying all Phantom's products. Unparalleled in his ability to modify, repair or embellish your boat, he is the one to see!!!!. Your boat? Hypolon, PVC, there are no limits. Inflatables, catrafts, rafts or kayaks, Vic does not limit his practice...Spring a challenge on him,. twenty-eight years of experience leads one to enjoy novelty.
Catchin' the 
Wild Salmon

October 16-18 Sawyer Paddles & Oars Drift Fest

Gold Hill, OR

The following are August/Sept events in the Hood River  area where all activities support use of the Columbia River:

Phantom presents four new stores representing our camping and outdoor outfitters from Colorado and Montana :

CKS (Colorado Kayak Supply) in Buena Vista, AAA Inflatables in Denver, Rocky Mountain Adventures in Fort Collins and the Trail Head in Missoula, MT.

Phantom Fire Pan, LLC is a locally owned company which operates in Estacada, Oregon. Nestled in the Clackamas River recreational corridor, we are reliant on local vendors, fabricators, and suppliers to provide the foundation for quality American made products.

We specialize in design and fabrication of unique and specialty outdoor equipment.