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Our Pacific NW Dealers

​​Made in the USA, Phantom Fire Pans are produced of high grade 12 gauge steel, laser cut, hand welded, then baked with high temperature resistant silicon and resins. Our legs remove for easy stowing.
National Park Service regulations require complete removal of all fire remnants and debris. We are formally approved for use by the NPS. Environmental concerns include prevention of burning spoors, and endangered perennials, as well as delicate flora in this delicate habitat. 
While this is an excellent fire pan, you are still required to also carry a fire suppression blanket.
Pricing is based on individual dealers:
Outfitters and those interested in becoming dealers, please contact Phantom directly at 971-271-4137

Four sizes now available:

The Deschutes- smallest model 
18"x 19" x 4", designed for individual use

The Wild Salmon- midsize model 
18" x 28" x 4" and most popular, accommodates groups of 4-6 folks.

The Colorado- for large groups, 
18" x 38" x 4" has been tested at 18 hours burn time. Designed for groups of 8 or more!

Snake River - 20" x 40" x 4" Enough room for griddle / grilling and dutch oven cooking for a large group.

"Douglas, I have reviewed your "Phantom Firepans" and they do meet all the Grand Canyon National Park requirements for a firepan. All of your models exceed the 300 square inch rule and have a lip over 3 inches high. The Phantom Firepans are also elevated with their own legs that is also a Grand Canyon requirement. Just a reminder that all firepans are required to have a FIRE BLANKET." This rule changed on January 1, 2011. Thanks, David Chapman GRCA/GLCA Lees Ferry District 

Having optimized on options provided by our CAD engineer, we proudly provide the size option necessary to accommodate your cooler. This enables stowage of both large components of your raft system into a single space.

To date, no other fire pan manufacturer provides this dimensional option.
  Individually recognized :
Finally- Phantom introduces our new Grill/Griddle kit for enhancing your fire pan experience!
​Now available,  our new Grill/Griddle kit is made of stainless steel for even heat distribution, and ease of thorough cleaning. Unlike other grills, our does not warp and has three settings to place your food the proper distance from coals. See the real difference stainless steel has over expanded metal!