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"Douglas, I have reviewed your "Phantom Firepans" and they do meet all the Grand Canyon National Park requirements for a firepan. 

All of your models exceed the 300 square inch rule and have a lip over 3 inches high. The Phantom Firepans are also elevated with their own legs that is also a Grand Canyon requirement. 

Just a reminder that all firepans are required to have a FIRE BLANKET.This rule changed on January 1, 2011. Thanks, David ChapmanGRCA/GLCA Lees Ferry District 
"I've received your calls and emails. I'm sorry, we are not able to provide "endorsement". Your pan looks wonderful and should be effective, but we can neither purchase or specifically recommend any one product. 
Good luck to you and your company."
Trish Callahan
Salmon-Challis Wilderness

November 2013


I received your Dynelite Oar Tether. It is the finest I've seen, and mirrors the quality of our Sawyer oars.

I intend to try them out this winter, and will provide feedback when we return.
Sawyer Oars
Toledo, Oregon 

Nov. 9, 2013
Am thrilled about your Dynelite soft-tie. A group of us were on the Rogue last month.
(four drift boats, and two inflatables) When passing Volkswagon rock, my starboard oar popped out of the lock, it was retained by the soft-tie. My trouble was witnessed by a couple of the other guys, and they're interested in getting several of the turquoise sets for our trip down The Colorado in March of 2014.

Thanks again, they worked better than I'd expected and will be taken even on the small trips from now on!"

Greg Hatten-
Greg Hatten Enterprises
Eugene, Oregon

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Clackacraft premier driftboats featured with Sawyer Oars and Phantom Soft-tie tethers- Clackamas, Oregon
River trails- In the heart of the Deschutes Recreational Area, best value for the all inclusive rafting experience! (across from the Imperial Hotel in Maupin)
​July 12, 2014
What’s the deal? When did rafting become a “G” rated sport? Your website looks like a Disney version of our world. We risk our ass, play hard, party hard, cook killer food, face big water and rocks, set camp, tossing 200lb dryboxes, coolers, and gear. There’s nothing about that, just looks like all we do is float The Grande Ronde. 
Some like it rough. What about the hot chicks, they rock real Class V’s. They heft serious gear, face the same monsters, and there’s nothing about them.  
Really love Phantoms tethers. Hate the bullshit rules everywhere, but portapotty’s do make for better approaches when we go ashore to set camp. The firepans are a little pricey, are you going to use other colored legs? I do like the green, but thought it might be thick to match my boat!!!!
Kind of like everyone wanting to go in a group. I’m aware of safety, I just don’t like most people messing with my day, if I want to hang I’ll hang, just get tired of folks telling me how to do my day.
Anyway, regards, and hope you come up with some new stuff!

September 2014
Just got off the Wild Salmon, and am really glad to report how well the tethers did. Initially, my oar bounced out of the Cobra during a drop just prior to Mallard, the tether caught it, but during the push through Mallard the oar popped again, and would have beaten me, had the buckle not given as designed. Couldn't find the lost oar until I reached down and saw the brightly colored Phantom tether. I'm more than pleased with their performance." - Bruce Ripley OWA