Phantom Fire Pan, LLC
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Our Pacific NW Dealers

Phantom adorns and secures 
your shafts in fourteen colors!
 How we're better:

1) American made of material produced in the USA.

2) Each of our tethers is finished with cut and seared webbing. The hardware is powder coated to prevent oxidation.

3) The hand embroidered logo enables easy differentiation from others' tethers with a "Made is USA" flag label.

Our tether types:

Rafting tethers- thirty years of whitewater experience enables design which truly works.  

Products: Oar tethers, Spare oar tethers, Phantom soft tie tethers, Whistle tether, and customized applications, 

Our tethers are available in 14 colors.

Motorcycle and ATV straps- Phantom soft ties 1.5" and rachet straps 1.5
Fourteen colors available, each tether hand produced, and presented with finished webbing and hardware!
Phantom oar tethers, and spare oar tethers are exclusively carried by these fine outdoor retailers:

Cascade Outfitters, Cataract Oars, Beckel Canvas, Fishermans Marine, Clackacraft, Wooden Boat Adventures,  River Trails, Sawyer Oars, the Trail Head Montana, Colorado Kayak Supply, Replay Sports, AAA Inflatables, & Rocky Mountain Adventures!

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